Villages of women without uterus | remove their womb for save job

Withdrawn their womb so they can get work

A piece of news, reported there thousands of young women have undergone surgical procedures to remove their wombs. After revealed by India media, Indian government impose  importance on these issues.

Still, some village exists where you wouldn't find a single woman who has a uterus. Please Assume they are aged from 20 to 22 or have two or three children. All are low-income workers. 

Women may miss a day or two of duty during their period, moreover, cane-cutting is a hard job, so contractor becomes apathetic to hire them. However, in menstrual time they get scolding voice from the employer, have to pay a penalty, salary is cut. So poverty and hunger compel the poor women workers to remove their womb. Yes, thousands of young women in India withdrawn their uterus to stop menstruating so that they able to get work as sugarcane harvesters. 

Cutting the uterus means disrupting the body of a woman. If the uterus is cut out, then the woman does not suffer just from physical pain, also her emotional pain is not less than any part. But why happening this impudicity, brutality? The period is a big problem also embarrassing to Indian women, particularly to worker women.

The menstrual cycle is slightly embarrassed at her workplace, who working as an officer in the sugar mill. Because from the beginning of civilization, many Indian people deem a woman as untouchable, unsanctified during her period. She has to stay as cornered in house, have to be alone or keep away from others, prohibited to join social or religious ceremonies. It’s running for thousands of years.

Recently, urban educated working women started breaking the walls of religious fanaticism and uncivilized. As a result, the picture is changing a little bit.  Though it reflects a little prosperity amid the city's educated life but the images of million villagers are horrific. Millions of poor family struggle in India.  Both men and women are working as a day laborer in the industrial or agricultural sector, where there is no bathroom. Those are from penniless families, with no education and agency, are forced to make choices that have long term and must irreversible impacts on their health and lives.  

Villages of women without  uterus 

Two recent news stirred over the country and cited by the BBC today show that India’s very problematic relationship with menstruation continues. Coupled with the bad circumstance of life, this transformed several villages of the region into "villages of women without uterus". They live in their own little bubble, completely obsessed with their own world and nothing else.

These women lose the ability to become a mother at such a young age, it is astonishing to think.  Pain, shame, and guilt hurt in the mind of the sensible and genial human being. The nasty work of withdrawn the uterus is going on for nearly three years.

In India, western state Maharashtra is the fertile land of sugarcane, where thousands of workers come to work as a 'cutter' in sugarcane field for 6 months. Again, the environment of these places is absolutely disgusting, unhealthy. The workers stay in the hut or tent beside the field. Sometimes have to work at night, there is no work limit. In this situation, a woman worker experienced a difficult problem with their period. In an unhealthy environment, they are infected as well as suffer from many types of gynae problems. At that time quack appear as a surgeon to remove woman's womb. Even the slightest problem, which can be cured by apply medicines, in those cases, also take action to withdraw their uterus through the operation. Sena leader Neelam Gorhe highlighted about this physical damage of women in the Rajya Sabha (Council of state). Maharastra Health Minister Eknath Shinde agreed with her statement.  Minister said, there are 4,600 hysterectomy surgery have done in Beed district for 3 years. Health Minister has announced an inquiry committee to take action seriously.

Another brutal behavior has found in Tamil Nadu state. The story of the place is even more horrific. Million-dollar garment trade, huge factory, numerous women work there. During periods, they should be allowed to leave for one or two days, but the situation is inverted.  To reduce pain giving there unknown drug. The Thomson Reuters Foundation has worked on this issue. They talked with 100 women who have suffered. They said that after taken those unknown drugs, everyone faced more or less physical problems.

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