Statue of Unity |30,000 Come to See the World's Tallest Statue Every Day

statue of unity
  • ·The Statue of Unity or the sculpture of Unity is now the tallest statue in the world.  The statue is seen as a symbol of national unity in the state of Gujarat in India.

  •  Previously, 'Spring Temple Buddha' of China was the highest statue which height is 153 meters while the Statue of Unity is 597 meters.

  •  Statue of Unity portrayed the portrait of former Indian politician and first deputy Prime Minister Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel (1875-1950). In the country, he is known as Iron Man.

  • ·     93-year-old  artist Ram V. Sutar of India is the sculptor of the Statue of Unity.

  •  In order to create the highest statue of the world, various campaign activities have been organized to engage people from all over India. In between 'Iron campaign', 'Fund for Unity', 'Run for Unity' is notable. About 50 thousand kg iron was collected through iron campaigns.

  •  The statue started on 31 October 2013 and inaugurated on 31 October 2018; it was Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel's 143rd birthday. The statue is open for public from 01 November 2018

  •  Statue of Unity height 182 meters, which is almost equal to 60 storeyed buildings. To create the tallest statue, 1,700 tons of bronze, 5 thousand 700 metric tons of steel, 18 thousand 500 metric tons of reinforcement steel bars and 22 thousand 500 metric tons of cement were used. The cost has been Rs 2,989 crore. ( 1 crore = 10 million)

  •        There 3,000 workers and 300 engineers were involved in the sculpting process.

  •         Every day about 30 thousand visitors come to visit the world's tallest statue.

  • ·       On the 8th floor or above 25 meters high of the statue there is an exhibition hall and film center, which is 4,774 square meters in size. Where Vallabhbhai Patel's national life credits are being filmed.

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Source: India Times, Telegraph, Statue of

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