Yazidis are being persecuted as devil worshippers

Devil Worshipers

Do you remember what happened in Iraq in June 2014? Thousands of Sunni fighters seized Iraq's second largest city Mosul and its adjoining areas with flying the black flag. The huge force of government disappeared in air overnight. The caliphate of the Islamic State was established in the vast region of northern Iraq. All these people know.
Two months after the June attack, the IS militants started the ruthless torture on Kurds in the region. Yazidi, a tribe of Kurds, is the main victims of the attack. Thousands of Yazidi died, many have been used to force to be slaves or sex slaves. At that time a lot of articles have been written in the newspapers about Yazidi people or Kurdish paramilitary group, that's why Yazidis name is not unknown to anyone now. But many of them do not know the details.
There is disputation about who is Yazidis. Many people claimed them as a tribe of Kurdish people. Many people say that the Yazidis always had separate ethnic groups. They are not Kurdish. We will not go to pick that discussion because the historian failed to determine how long the debate will be continued. But it is true that for thousands of years the Yazidis have spread in Armenia, Georgia, Syria, and Iraq and they consider themselves to be completely separate from the Kurds or Arabs. The total number of these ancient inhabitants of the Zagros Mountain ranges from 500000 to 1200000. Currently, there are many Yazidis live in Turkey and Germany. Yazidis come from the ancient Persian language. It means 'holy'. They speak in a Kurdish dialect called Kurmanji Kurdish.
Yazidis religion  
Yazidis are not Sunni Muslims like other Kurds. Yazidis religion is named Yazidism. This religion comes from ancient religion Yazdanism. Kurds were followers of Yazdanism during pre-Islamic times. In the course of time, the current Yazidis religion has been transformed into a combination of theories of Zoroastrianism, Islam, Christianity and Judaism with a branch of that religion.
Yazidi Scriptures
The Yazidis have two holy books, the ‘Kitab al-Jilwa', the ‘Book of Revelation', written by Sheikh Adi Ibn Musafir, the main figure of the Yazidi faith. This man of the eleventh centuries is deemed as the prophet to Yazidis. The other book is ‘Mishefa Res', the ‘Black Book', which is said by scholars to have been written in the 11th-12 centuries. However, Yazidis claimed it has existed since Tawsi Melek, the Peacock Angel, first set foot upon earth. In the Kitab, al-Jilwa stated special relationship between Tawsi Melek and the Yezidis and those who worship him in other faiths. The Mishefa Reş delineates the creation theory of this universe, the creation of seven great Angels as well as the creation of Yazidi and the laws they must follow.
The time of their fasting of the Rojit Ezi begins from the second week of December. These fasting rituals take place for three days from dawn to dusk. Yazidis believe that fasting is a time of expanding sympathy for others, deepening the sentiments of gratitude to whatever they have, and more humble in order to meditate for their community. To a Yazidi person, it's not just a way of having an empty stomach; it must be a matter of fasting with heart and mind. At the end of the day, after the sunset, Yazidis break fasting with a big banquet. At the time, they invited their friends, neighbors, and shared good food. When everyone is together, they rejoice with various games and songs. By the sacrifice of the bull in autumn, they pray for the upcoming winter and the next happy days. The cemetery of Sheikh Adi ibn Musafir in the village of Lalish situated in the Shekhan District of Nineveh governorate in northern Iraq is their holiest shrine. In December they kept fast for three days. The holy places of other religions, such as the Arafat hills, are also an important pilgrimage center in Yazidism. Snake is a very important character in Yazidi religion.
In Yazidi religion, marriage to people of other religions has been prohibited. Yazidis do not spit on the ground or pour water in the fire unnecessarily. Because their religion considered the air, fire, soil, and water as sacred objects. Another important aspect of Yazidi faith is the belief in the oneness with nature. Every day three to five times they worship the Sun God. They set their face towards the sun and pray. The Sun is sacred and represents ultimate truth or the source of energy.

"Our beliefs are not in a book, but we practice them in our lives. People used to call us ‘sun worshippers,' but it isn't that we think that the sun is God, instead, we believe that the sun is a representation of God's light shining down on all of us. We say, Roj Nure Khode, which means it is God's light" said Gulie Khalaf, director of Yezidis International.
They believe that sin may dwell in human error, do not have anything in this connection with Saytan or Iblish. There is no place for hell in their religion. Yazidis believe in reincarnation, Seven Holy beings are periodically reincarnated in human form, called a koasasa. Basically, reincarnation means the soul is indestructible; it is not destroyed and after death only changes the body. The most unfortunate thing for a Yazidi is that if they are expelled from their community. Because it hinders the refinement of his soul and will never progress.
But oppression and persecution on the Yazidis have continued since the time of Osmanian rulers. In Saddam's subsequent Iraq, they have repeatedly been subjected to genocide and bomb attacks. And it is known to all the thousands of Yazidi's death in IS's hand. While killing the Yazidis, the IS media has repeatedly shouted out that they are fighting against devil worshipers. Many Arabs and Kurds see the Yazidis at this glance.
Why are Yazidis called devil worshipers? To know the answer to that question, you will have to read Melek Taus's or ‘peacock angel’ narration. In the Yazidis religion, he is a central figure, a diverse character. In other Abrahamic religions, he appeared in the form of a highly condemned Ibish or the devil. What is his narration?
Melek Taus
Yazidis are monotheists.yazidis pray to Melek Taus, who is considered God's alter ego, that's why he is inseparable from God. Yazidis believe that God created seven archangels. First God created Melek Taus from his own (God's) illumination (Ronahî) and ordered Tawûsê Melek or Melek Taus not to bow to other beings. Melek was borrowed from the Arabic term meaning "king" or "angel".  The other six archangels were created later and Melek Taus was made their leader. After created the other archangels, God ordered them to bring him dust (Ax) from the Earth (Erd) and build the body of Adam. Then God gave life to Adam from his breath and ordered everyone to bow to Adam. Except for Melek Taus, every archangel bowed to Adam. In answer to God, Melek Taus replied, "How can I surrender to another being! I am from your illumination while Adam is made of dust." Then God admired him and made him the leader of all angels and his deputy on the Earth. Melek Taus is known as the "peacock angel" and active executor of the divine will. Peacock flesh does not appear to decay. That's why it was the symbol of immortality in the early Christianity. Since if God orders anything then it must happen (Bibe, dibe), so Yazidis argue that the order to bow to Adam was only a test for Melek Taus, and he has successfully passed the test.
Yazidis also believe that their honor and hymn for Melek Taus is a way to acknowledge his majestic and sublime nature, this idea is known as "knowledge of the Sublime"(Zanista Ciwaniye)
The Yazidi deemed Melek Taus as a benevolent angel who has redeemed himself from his fall and has become a demiurge, created the cosmos from the cosmos egg. Melek Taus repented and wept for 7000 years while his tears filling seven jars, which then extinguished the fire of hell.
Melk Taus comes down to earth every year on April 1st. This day is known by Yazidis as their New Year. Yazidi calendar is very ancient. Their 6,768th year will start in April 2018. Tawûsgeran (circulation of the peacock), Yazidis roamed from one village to another village along with the idol of Melk Taus or peacock angel. Shaikh Abdi ibn Musafir is honored as the avatars of Melk Taus.
Current situation of Yazidis
Yazidis hardly want to maintain their own religion and social system. They have strict rules for staying separate from other religions and nations. Although polygamy is prohibited in the Yazidi society, the leaders have some concession in this regard. Amir Tahsin Saeed is their supreme leader. And the name of the current religious leader is Sheikh Haji Ismaili.
Yazidis' religion and other customs remained a lot behind in the barrage of many obstacles. So much information is not known about this mysterious nation. Many Yazidis are fleeing in many places including Europe. They are running away from the persecution of thousands of years continual. The Yazidis also have an own militia army under the Peshmerga, but it is very inadequate. A child is not considered as Yazidi if father and mother both are not Yazidi. Their conservative system is gradually breaking down due to war, the number of Yazidis decreasing. And in the same way, the ancient mysterious nation is gradually vanishing in the dark times.

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