Make money from renting genome sequence

genome sequence

 Found new sources of income. US-based startup Nebula Genomics said that anyone can earn money by renting their DNA-related information.In this case, Drug-manufacturing companies will conduct research by utilizing the information obtained. Currently, after DNA analysis, consumers have to spend money to learn their health and/or origins. For example, companies like 23andMe and AncestryDNA, they charge consumers under £150 to provide this information, while the whole genome sequencing for a little over £1,000 to others. Nebula genomics found the source of income at this place. The start-up said that they will keep the DNA analyzing information themselves. They will be the custodian of all data of the customers. Subsequently, with the consent of the customer, his/her data will be supplied to Pharmaceutical and biotech companies. Information provider will receive a portion of money which will be earned by renting his/her given information. Harvard University DNA sequencing pioneer George Church, his student Dennis Grishin and Google's former officer and entrepreneur Kamal obbad have developed Nebula Genomics. They have used blockchain technology to save information.

“Under the current system, personal genomics companies effectively own your personal genomics data, and you don’t see any benefit at all,” says Grishin. “We want to eliminate the middlemen.”

Nebula Genomics’s plan is surprising, but the company does not promise to make you rich within a short time.But in the United States, there is a buzz that, someone could earn up to 50 times more than their genome sequencing costs by renting DNA data. Considering the current scenario, the amount can be $ 50,000.  How to work a model in the process: send in a saliva sample, get the results and you provided your consent, which most people do because they want to help research efforts, the company retains control of your DNA sequence. The sequence would belong to the individual so they could rent it out again and again, including to multiple companies at the same time.

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