Top 12 curious new year tradition

The New Year means to proceed to the front. The removal excuse of behind fatigue, pain, failure: Walking in the way of a shining future. Seek prosperity within festive fun with friends and social circle.But some cultures take things to strange and surprising new level. There are many funny rituals and customs being performed around the world on New Year’s Eve, which is a really curious sensation. Let us tell you about the 12 New Year's Tradition.

NewYear tradition

Climb onto sofa and jump off into the New Year - Denmark

Denmark has a tradition of jumping from Old Year to New Year. At first, they climb onto chair, table, cot or sofa then jump off into the New Year (read on the floor). At the midnight in some places in Denmark, another tradition is that the broken dishes that are saved throughout the old year are throwing at the door of friends or family. In this way, they show their honesty and loyalty towards dear ones on New Year’s Eve.

Throw 12 pennies for prosperity - Guatemala

There are traditions with pennies in Guatemala. For prosperity in the New Year, you have to go out and throw 12 pennies directly at behind you so that it will fall on the street.

Eating 12 grapes for ward off evil spirits - Spain and Portugal

At the stroke of the midnight whoever can push 12 grapes into the mouth is deemed as bring prosperity and happiness in the New Year, and ward off evil spirits.

Change underwear brings a bonanza - Bolivia and Mexico

To bring bonanza Bolivians wear yellow underwear at the stroke of midnight. On New Year’s Eve why they do that? Because it is believed that yellow underwear brings interesting changes in their fate. And the tendency of wearing yellow underwear is seen in Mexico. They invite their desired destiny by wearing the yellow underwear.

Leaves Placed under Pillow to get a good Husband – Ireland

A custom of placing mistletoe leaves under their pillow for getting a handsome husband has existed in most single women of Ireland. On New Year’s Eve, they keep hold this culture for ward off evil spirits.

Enjoy Burning photo to leave the pain behind – Ecuador

The people of Ecuador gather outside their home on New Year with a picture which reminds disgraceful day or pain of the past. Then enjoy burning the images, thinking that they burned their past tears and the path of future will be smooth.

Kissing at midnight for lovable year-America

Americans continued to practice kisses of loved ones for the next year to appear as a happy and lovable year.

Dropping ice cream on the floor to crush frustration - Switzerland

The Swiss welcome their New Year by dropping ice cream on the floor. This is a symbolic preparation, to remind you that sometimes sweet things are falling on your feet, Or to crush all the frustration of coming Year.

Whispering to cow for good fortune - Romania

On the first day of the New Year, Romanian farmers try to talk to their domesticated cow. If successful, it is considered a sign of luck. In Belgium, whisper into their cow’s ear to say Happy New Year.

Feasting 7, 9 or 12 times to be fortunate -Estonia

The Estonian people celebrate their New Year by taking meal several times. They have some lucky number which makes a good excuse to indulge. The numbers 7, 9 or 12 are dimed as fortunate and eating 7, 9 or 12 times means you’ll have the strength among many men. Their notion this tradition will keep up food affluence throughout the year. They leave some food on the plate every time to make ancestors spirit happy instead finish everything.

Bake coins for selecting lucky -Greece and Bulgaria

Family members chew carefully their traditional cake on New Year holiday because coins are kept inside it. Whoever receives the slice filled with the coin is considered lucky in the next year. People from Greece and Bulgaria bake fortunes or charms and coins for surmise the New Year.

Stay in round shape for betterment -Philippine

Filipino residents keep coins in their pockets; also have to make a sound to attract wealth. Fruit, bread whatever they like to eat for New Year everything round symbolizes coins of betterment. They celebrate New Year with wearing polka dot dresses. They believe that round shape will bring prosperity for them in next year.

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