Healing powers of Osoyoos spotted lake

The spotted lake, most magical place for its strangely-pattern body of water located in British Columbia's desert, between the Okanagan and Similkameen Valleys. Northwest of the town of Osoyoos in Canada.

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During the summer, dry weather, most of the water in the lake evaporates in the desert climate. When the motion of evaporation is higher than the motion at which water runs into the depression, the water level reveals the salts as rings around the edge. The lake bottom around the spot becomes dry and solid which constructs a walkway throughout the lake and between spot. At the point, it would be possible to walk through the way.  Big crystal polka dots on lake appear according to the seasonal amount of precipitation and mineral formation. These minerals are exposed in the ‘spot’ of the lake’s name. At the time the lake exhibits its grandeur. When the water evaporates the natural water pools are formed. The minerals shaped in hallucinogenic patterns that change in color and range from blue to green to yellow to white, depending on the type and concentration of minerals in it. Some people think that Spotted Lake has the highest concentration of minerals in the world, along with salts, titanium, calcium magnesium sulfate, traces of silver, and other minerals. Magnesium sulfate plays leading role to spot color, which crystallizes in the hot season. 

spotted lake

The maximum length of this spotted lake is 0.7 kilometers and the maximum width is 0.25 kilometers, from Osoyoos to Keremeos, about 9 kilometers north on BC Highway 3. The lake can be seen from the fence which is designed for protection from the liabilities of trespassing access. The Lake is surrounded by the cairns - rock mounds, which looks almost as grave. Many travelers stop watching the site from the highway. Standing beside the highway to see the lake is risky, especially if you have children because there is no safe park along the highway, no viewing point (it’s on private property). However, a large number of travelers here still takes the picture and enjoys the scenic view from a distance.Until a few decades ago, the spotted lake used to belong to a Canadian family of Ernest Smith. They had plans to build a water park. For the negative response of the local residents, the government enabled them to buy the land. 

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The lake was bought by the First Nations after many years of haggling. Their goal is to preserve it as a remedial site, with the respect of people who confer a sacred meaning to life. The Okanagan tribe (Sylix) deemed the lake as a sacred place of healing. The Lake’s water has therapeutic properties, known to the natives of the Okanagan Valley for thousands of years, who still use the water in the spot to treat pain and in the preparation of ointments for skin disease, warts, body aches and battle wounds. The businessmen had the intention of setting up a spa center here. In the First World War, minerals from the lake were used for the production of ammunition. Currently, there are roadside signs telling travelers that the place is cultural and ecologically sensitive. The appropriate time to observe the lake is in the summer from about June to mid-September. Many suggested bringing a pair of Binocular so that get a good look at the spots on the spotted lake.

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