10 high paying jobs in USA | Forbes reported

highest paying jobs in  USA

Do you know which one the highest - paying job in the world? The USA Forbes magazine has published ten jobs, that’s the highest -paying job. The journal's information source is CareerCast.com.


Surgeon received the highest salary in 2015 according to CareerCast.com website. The average annual salary for each doctor is 3, 52000 US dollars.

Psychologists have the second position in Forbes' list. Their average annual salary is 1, 81000 US dollars. But to get this salary, they must have a Doctor of Medicine certificate.

Doctor (general practitioner)

The demand for General Practitioners or GP doctors is increasing in the whole world. In the United States, their average salary is 1, 80000 US dollars. It is possible to improve the job faster.

Corporate executive

In the multi-national companies, a high-level corporate executive or executor gets an average salary of 1, 73000 US dollars. This job has a lot of stress and new challenges.


To be a good dentist, special training should be taken. And there is a lot of hard work in it. But if the yearly wages are worth 1, 46000 US dollars, then it can be done.

Petroleum engineer

Petroleum Engineers are on number six of Forbes list. Originally the list has been made into consideration of US job market. As the country, the average annual salary for a petroleum engineer is 1, 30000 US dollars.


Orthodontists have the highest demand in areas where there is a dental insurance or insurance. Their average annual salary is 1, 29000 US dollars.

Data Scientist

Increasing the demand for data scientists, however, adequate job seekers are not available yet in demand in this sector. So if you have any interest then start any course quickly. The average annual salary is 1, 24000 US dollars.

Air Traffic Controller

The demand for air traffic controllers is low. Basically reducing the cost of airways and attempts to automate everything, their demand is declining. However, those who are still doing this job, their annual average salary is 1, 22 000 US dollars.

average annual salary of Pharmacist is 1, 21000 US dollars. Their demand is gradually increasing.

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