Shoe tree |show love by throwing your shoes

Nevada old shoe tree

The original name is Cotton Wood Tree, but no one knows this name anymore. To most people, it is known as a shoe tree. This strange tree can be seen in the United States at the highway connecting between the two cities Ely and Reno of Nevada state. Usually, the height of these trees is 70 feet. Thousands of shoes are hanging from the beautiful tree for many years. People have been doing it without any purpose of earning money or deception.

The legendary story states:

A youthful lovebird couple was enjoying nature through camping under the tree one night and got into a contention. At the point when the lady threatens to leave, the young man tied together their shoes and threw them up in the tree. So the lady could not escape or Leave the man.

Tourists are very curious to see the shoe tree:

The tree has now become a tourist spot. Travelers come here to visit the tree clotted with hundreds of shoes. Now many people go to show their love for each other and make a wish by throwing their shoes in the tree.

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