selficcino | putting your headshots on a coffee

Mixed with Coffee flavors there is an effect of Selfi in the title. A cafe has opened its own version of the ‘selfieccino’ in London.They digitally print out customers' headshots and selfies on foamed milk and whipped cream and serve that to the customer.


This arrangement has created a great interest. The cafe named ‘The Tea Terrace’, located at London Oxford Street is serving customer’s picture painted coffee in less than 30 seconds. And for this, they are taking help of a special hi-tech printer. The name of the coffee has been given selficcino and a lot of discussion going on in the UK's social media about it. This London-based coffee shop got their idea from a coffee shop named ‘Selfi Coffee Cafe’ in Singapore. Not just the picture of customer’s, but also the coffee shop put any picture on coffee cream according to the customer's demand. Coffee with varied images is available at Palm Vaults restaurant in London. Not behind the restaurant ‘Barista Lee-bin' in Seoul of South Korea. Here you can find all the famous paintings on coffee cream. There is nothing to be surprised if meet up with ‘Mona Lisa’ of Leonard de Vinci or 'The Story Night’ of Vincent van Gogh in ‘Barista Lee-bin' at any time of sipping coffee.  However, London's ‘The Tea Terrace’ tries to make the trademark ‘Selfieccino’ for itself. They will take farther step to give this service to another location on Oxford Street.Even then, The Tea Terrace will extend its expansion outside London.

Would you like to sip your own face? Try this new fad to consume yourself. Enjoy the esoteric art of emerging trends ordering is as simple as sending a selfie image via massaging app to the restaurant.

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