Most desperado prison gangs around you

The idea of 'Prison Gang' originated in the United States. To protect the prisoners of their own party from the enemy prisoner, they set up their own groups in the prison. This term, derived from the idea of self-defense, is now quite changed in the evolution of time. The prison gang is now called the most dangerous groups, who are holding the rule of terror in the midst of jails and keep in touch with all criminal acts such as prostitution, drug trafficking, and smuggling. Many times, the dark sides of the character of those convicted of life imprisonment started to bloom because they have long been away from the outside world contact. In monotonous life, they create new groups to enjoy a lot of entertainment, where allowed members of the underprivileged prisoners.

Excessive violence turned them into a terrible monster. Let’s know the story of five great prison gangs today.

1. The numbers gang South African prisons

It is believed that most of the South African prisons control the Numbers gang. Founded in 1911, this gang is divided into three parts - 26th, 27th, and 28th. Each team's work is different. The work of the 26th gang is to collect cash, the 27th gang’s duty to manage the law enforcement agencies and the 28th group is fully fighter. These Number-based gangs are more dangerous because they control the whole system of prison. It is very normal for them to kill the security personnel or guard if they do not get money or arms. 

The Number Gang

The numbers gang; Source:

50 percent of the watchman's body has a stab or injury marks on their body in pollsmoor jail of South Africa. When a new prisoner comes to jail, they show such activities in front of them to assert their power. In many cases, the commanders were asked to attack the guards to verify the loyalty of new members of the gang. The innocent security guard is victims for their entertainment. John Mongrel was the leader of the 28th group in Pollsmoor prison. According to hearsay, he was involved in at least 1,000 murders. The biggest problem is that this gang is strongly organized. If someone violet the rule on the team then immediately they arrange ‘trial’ after the investigation.  If the offense is proved, then strangle the member or confirmed death by the action of a cutting throat. If the crime is not too serious, then the prison's anal canal make bloody with the knife. Then the gang was raped by a member of the HIV positive family. Through South African prisons the risk of AIDS is increasing at alarming rates.

2 The Primeiro Comando da Capital - Brazil (PCC)

Primeiro Comando da Capital -the Portuguese word means the most powerful mandatory group in the capital. This prison gang has built their shelter in Sao Paulo, started gang journey on 31st August 1993 with eight prisoners who participated in a soccer match. Since then Primeiro Comando da Capital or (PCC) is at the top of the most organized crime cycle of Sao Paulo.Even beyond the borders of Brazil, they are also influencing in neighboring countries. The main source of their power and money is the drug trade. Riot, murder and the PCC have help record to escape the defendants from jail.

PCC,Sao Paulo

The Primeiro Comando da Capital: Source:          

In May 2006, prison authorities have a bloody war with the PCC. The Sao Paulo police have not yet figured out those who were responsible for the war that killed nearly 40 police officers.
Within a few days of this incident, more than 150 prisoners and guard were killed due to isolated riots. It is still considered the most vicious violence in the history of prison in Sao Paulo and Brazil. There have been allegations that the PCC members used cell phones in the prison to carry out pre-planned attacks.

3. The Trinitarios Gang-- the United States and the Dominican Republic

The Trinitarios Gang was founded in 1989 in prison in New York. In fact, this group was formed to ensure the security and facilities of the Spanish prisoners detained in New York prison. The word Trinitarios comes from the 'trinity brotherhood'

The Trinitarios Gang

The Trinitarios Gang: Source:

Members of this gang are all hypnotic or Spaniard, essentially the blood of the Dominican Republic in their veins. Trinity is regarded as the fastest stalking gang in New York. It is heard that they are also influencing in the surrounding areas beyond the sea. They are thought to have around 30,000 members in the United States and the Dominican Republic.

Drug Trafficking, Weapons Trafficking, Assault, Rape, Murder, Kidnapping, Robbing elderly people are the main sources of their earning. Delivering horrible weapon in the hands of fast-growing members, Trinitarios took them out of a touch in prison.

4. Black Guerrilla Family or BGF - United States

The Black Guerrilla Family was formed by George Jackson, a member of the former Black Panther Gang. In 1966, W.L. Nolen cooperates him to build this gang in the San Quentin National Prison. The group formed with a number of goals, including those that would eliminate racism and challenge the American government. The racist attitude of the prison authorities is responsible for provoking The BGF or the Black Guerrilla family.
Black  Guerilla  Family BGF

Black Guerrilla Family: Source:

To reduce the power of the government this officers killing are included in their group policy. BGF recruits those black men brought to prison from road. Outside of the jail, they have some organizations holding strong power and great solidarity. It has been found in the survey that, if the BGF has 300 members inside the jail then active members outside the jail is not less than 50 thousand! Car thieves, drug trade, murder, and kidnapping are their main occupations.
5. The Netas association- Puerto Rico

The Netas association which is often called as the only Netas was formed in Puerto Rico in 1970s. The Netas is the main regulator of the drug traffic in Puerto Rico. Ideally, Netas claim themselves as active members of the Puerto Rico Independence Movement. As part of the group's members are most oppressed and deprived by the United States government, they have developed a mutual sympathy place. Netas is so powerful gangs that they are found to have 40 thousand in Puerto Rico, 20 thousand in the United States and around 30,000 in other countries of the world. The Netas became infamous by a brutal war with the leader of opposition gang G7.

The  Ñetas Association

The Netas association: Source:

Using the hands and spoons namely the members of Netas through digging soil entered his cell and hit him with a thorn spoon more than 150 times. And his dead body cut out on almost 84 pieces. There is a complaint that the piece of his body was sent to different people, including the mother of that leader. The second head of the G7 also received a piece. They are highly expert to hide their identity, even their own membership does not want to acknowledge. For this reason, it is very difficult to find out who is a member of this gang. That’s why, difficult and dangerous to control them.

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