Famous magicians in history

why they Famous magicians in history?Throughout the ages, magic has fascinated, surprised, and amazed people. The audience becomes overwhelmed in the magical world while they do not understand what is happening in front them. Although these are some art of tactics, the magician is capable to create a trap by causing delusional eyesight. And in the trap all the people are hypnotic.

In today many people try to astound everyone by reading '101 simple magic' types book. But can be called them magician? There are some names on the list of best magicians, who have proved their efficiency in the magical world by showing fantastic and miraculous techniques in their entire career. Likewise, this is the arrangement of five famous magician’s story.

Harry Houdini

Harry Houdini is the best-known name in the magic world. To many, the 'magic' word is synonymous with the Houdini's tricks.
Born on 24 March 1874, Austro-Hungarian origins the American magician started his career just at nine years of age. At that age, he bewildered everyone by showing the game with cards. Afterwards, he earned a great reputation as a stage magician and stunt performer. Also has gained a special reputation for sensational escape acts in an unprecedented way. On a European tour, he earned the title of 'Harry Handcuff Houdini'. At that time he threw the challenge to the police, no one would be able to confine him in a jail cell.

harry houdini

Harry Houdini: Source: gannett-cdn.com

In 1904, he escaped in a special handcuffs supplied by the Daily Mirror of London before the thousands observer's eye. Witnesses have been stunned for nearly a quarter of the time. Besides, there is also a record of coming out of the grave in the living conditions. However, many people claiming that his magical acts are merely cheating. Houdini has acted in several films beyond those controversies. But because of not earning a lot from that he gave up the way too fast. This magician, who had a desire to be a pilot, wrote several books about his magic technique.

Daring feats:                                                     
He could have extricated himself from any locked position whether it is a chain, rope, handcuff, coffin, container or jail. Even he was placed in a box while shackled with a chain; the box was locked, weighted and submerged from a boat. But he returned after freeing himself to which underwater.

David Copperfield

David Catherine Catkin, the name seems to be known? And if it is called David Copperfield, then have any problem of identifying him to you? The American magician born on September 16, 1956, earned the reputation of being David Copperfield. According to Forbes, he is the most successful person in the magic business. Copperfield has won 21 Emmy Awards in the television series.

David Copperfield

David Copperfield: Source: cloudinary.com

Making stories and creating fascination, a great combination of these two works has given him the best magician status of the century. Copperfield has had written his name in the Guinness world record 11 times in his 40-year career. He has also earned many titles including the ‘Hollywood Walk of Fame', 'Night Walk' title by the French government and 'Living Legend' by the US Library of Congress. So far about 33 million his magic show tickets have been sold, and Copperfield has earned more than $ 4 billion! Copperfield manages his 11 resorts on the Bahamas when he does not show magic at the stage. He calls these resorts as 'Musha Cay and the Islands of Copperfield Bay'.


Although he is known by fans as "Dynamo" on stage, his real name is Steven FrayneBorn on 17 December 1982, The English magician won the audience's mind with his television show 'Dynamo: Magic Impossible'. The show placed him on the list of the best magicians of the century which began at the age of his 35 in July 2011 and ended in September 2014.

Steven Frayne

Dynamo: Source: cloudinary.com

Steven Frayne's mother was born in Bradford of England, but his father was Pakistani descent. Since his childhood, he was quite a minor in terms of the physical structure due to a disease called 'Crohn’s disorder'. So the other kids often used to laugh at him. Then his grandfather taught him a fun tactic so that kids think Freon has a lot more weight. From that, he entered his magical world.

Daring feats:
His fascinating magic is walking on the Thames River and annual income about 19 million dollars.

Criss Angel 

During his birth, parents named him Christopher Nicholas Sarantakos. This name has been buried under the stage shaking king of the magician named 'Criss Angel' long ago. The 50-year-old American magician, born on 19 December 1967, started his career in New York City. At the age of seven, Criss became interested in the magic world. At the age of twelve, he took part in the first stage shows of life and earned ten dollars.

Criss Angel

Criss Angel: Source: celinelasvegas.com

The boy started showing magic around the school who Inspired by the well-known magicians Harry Houdini. He came to the attention of the audience with the television and stage show called 'Criss Angel Mindfreak'Compared to other magicians, his presence was noteworthy at the television prime time. He used to run an hour-long show on ABC television, the name of the program was 'Secrets'. This magician, who has many world records wanted to stay away from magicians in his childhood. Criss Angel got “Magician of the Decade" title in 2009 also the author of 'Mindfreak: Secret Revelations’ titled book.

Daring feats:

His first glamorous magic was to keep his mother in the air for a while. In 2002 at New York Times Square he was placed in a telephone booth-shaped water tank for 12 hours.

David Blaine

David Blaine White, better known as David Blaine, is an American magician, Illusionist, and patient artist. He is more famous for his patience and in this case, he has also broken records of several world records! Blaine brings a revolutionary change in the way the magic is presented on television. His main goal was to show the reaction of viewers to magic. Turn the camera repeatedly in viewer queue instead of performer he introduced a new approach of showing viewer reactions to the viewer.

David Blaine
David Blaine: Source: biography.com

Having come out of stereotyped and hundred years old genre Blaine introduced to the audience with a feeling that would save him for more than a hundred years. This idea of a really fancy is truly commendable. According to The New York Times, coming out of his campaign place basically, he has been branding the magic. Another famous magician Penn  Jillette said, this is the biggest achievement in the world of television magic in our lifetime, after seeing Blaine's first television show 'Street Magic

Daring feats:
He won the mind of everyone by showing the reaction of viewer after fell into illusion.  

These five are not only the best but also Penn Jillette, Harry Blackstone Sr, Lance Burton, Harry Anderson, Mark Wilson, Smoothini, Shin Lim, and many other magicians who deserve to be ranked in this list.

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