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Ancient residents of Anatolia realized that it is possible to build houses by carving these rocks. As a result, they began to dig out the soft rocks and build houses and shelters, making the city under the ground. There are many structures found under the ground in Cappadocia. However, Derinkuyu is the biggest and deepest of these.

 Derinkuyu discovery   
underground- city  of derinkuyu

The time was in 1963, in the province of Nevsehir, in Turkey. A gentleman was repairing his home. He hit a wall and suddenly saw the wall broke down, collapsed floors. He discovered himself in an obsessed room under the ground. As he went ahead towards the door of the room, found there a mystic cavern out of the door. He entered with a faint foot in the cavern. As well as unknowingly he discovered 'Derinkuyu', a city of 1,000 years old. A unique mysterious city gate of human civilization was exposed in front him.

 Derinkuyu map           

Derinkuyu map

Derinkuyu, a deepest excavated underground complete city is located in Cappadocia, Anatolia, Turkey. This city of 18-level is about 280 feet deep under the ground. Within These levels, the researcher found churches, schools, tombs bedrooms, bathrooms, food storage rooms, kitchens,  oil and wine presses, wells, weapons storage areas, and domestic animal stables. It was made habitable for about 20,000 people.

Derinkuyu turkey

underground  city of derinkuyu

The area of Cappadocia in the Central Anatolia region of Turkey was famous for the eruptions. This region is located at 3,300 feet high plateau. A few million years ago, there was a volcanic eruption in this area. All the areas drowned in ash and lava. Later this ash and lava became transformed into soft rocks. 

It is unknown the exact time of when this city was built. But from 1600 to 1200 BCE, in Anatolia had the reign of 'Hittites '. After this, due to various invasions and war, the Hittite Empire became divided into smaller sections. After this, the   'Phrygians' arrived at this area from Balkan. Some believe that Hittites made Derinkuyu avoid the attacks of the Phrygians. And if the Hittites have built this city, then they were created before 1200 BCE.

underground city  of derinkuyu

Again, another expert thinks that the city was built between 1200 and 800 BCE by the Phrygians'. Later, Egyptian, Greek, American, Syrian people are migrating in Cappadocia. Written in history, this underground city is first found in the works of Greek soldier and historian Xenophon in 370 BCE. He traveled extensively in this region for a long time and wrote in his book 'Anabasis'.

“The houses here were underground, with a mouth like that of a well, but spacious below; and while entrances were tunnelled down for the beasts of burden, the human inhabitants descended by a ladder. In the houses were goats, sheep, cattle, fowls, and their young; and all the animals were reared and took their fodder there in the houses.”

Many people think that the Derinkuyu was expanded and renovated in the Byzantine Empire, at this time it was known as 'Malacopia'. Christians used to seek shelter from the invasion of Muslim forces. Many folks also used it as a sanctuary during various disasters.

Derinkuyu tour  

According to the researchers, the number of underground cities in Cappadocia is around a thousand. The excavation work is still incomplete. Only eight levels of this city are now open to viewers among eighteen-level. This city was made by carving soft rock, surrounded by a big tunnel. And these tunnels have been linked to several carved caves. About ten thousand people could take shelter in these caves. Apart from these caves, there were some places of worship, food shops, liquor stores and schools. Also, a few grave sites to preserve the dead bodies. As long as they could not be able to safely keep on the top ground, they preserved them in the underground graveyard.

underground city of derinkuyu

Every door to enter this town was closed by a rollable disc-shaped stone about 5 feet width and 500-kilogram weight with a small hole in the middle that covered entrances and passages during raids. These rocky doors protected the city from various dangers, were placed in each level in such a way that each layer can be closed separately. All over the city, there were More than fifty ventilation shafts brought in air from above. Each of these was 100 feet deep. And thousands of smaller ducts distributed that air throughout the entire city.

There was a river flow beneath the city. A lot of wells were excavated across the city as the source of usable water while attached to that river.
This Derinkuyu was more than a shelter or dwelling place. It was like a fort. Business or other activities did not stop in there whenever people took shelter in the underground city due to protect enemy attack. The place for mass gathering, grocery stores, food godown even the complete market was in the city. Arms were always stored in the armory. And there was also much scope to flee from this city anytime.  
Some startling features of Derinkuyu

underground  city of derinkuyu

180 feet wide ventilation shaft has been used as the city's main well. It could be used on both sides of the underground and upper ground. A three-mile-long tunnel was at the third level of the city for going to the nearby underground city 'Kayamakali'. This route is now closed due to landslides. This city used to protect people from extreme cold and snowfall as well as against hostile weather. Whenever upper ground became hot or cold that time comfortable weather prevailed on the underground. As a result, cattle or food could be easily stored in this town.

Derinkuyu underground city entrance fee 

Derinkuyu is 24 miles (40 km) or about half an hour’s drive from Göreme, the main tourist town in Cappadocia. Every day local buses are available from the center Of Nevsehir to Derinkuyu every half an hour.
Hours: May–Oct: 8am - 6pm; Nov–Apr: 8:30am - 5:30pm; open daily.
Entrance fee: €6.50

underground  city of derinkuyu

The mysterious underground city of Derinkuyu was opened to visitors since 1969, although only 10 percent of the entire city has kept open to viewers. Visitors from different countries of the world continue to come to see these unique patterns of human civilization. If you enter this city, you will back in a thousand years ago. If you touch the rocky walls, you will tremble with excitement, which will remind you those people who have made the dwelling place for taking shelter.

Derinkuyu aliens

You will go to the derinkuyu underground city because of the History channel’s series ‘Ancient Aliens’. You will not be disappointed- the site contained everything that you expected but no mention of Aliens.   

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