Sleeping job | get paid €16,000 for two months

Get paid to sleep at the research center.  For only sleeping in bed salary€16,000 for two months Candidates will be appointed for the job to lie on their backs. The man, who may be known as lazy, may jump out after hearing this that is normal, but the fact is true. Those between 20 - 45 years aged can apply!

sleeping job

Candidates have to stay in bed for two months that the simple condition. There will be no other work except to lie in bed. Job ads have been found in France's Space Medical Research Institute's job profile.

Researchers want to see the effects of microgravity, a state of virtual weightlessness, what will get from the man while lying on his back. The scientist informed this work is very important in space research.

For this purpose, appropriate volunteers would be between 20 -45 years male aged. The person must be free from smoking habit. Not allowed allergic tendency. After conducting such physical examinations, 24 persons will be selected. They will be laid for two months. They cannot put their foot on the ground in any case. But they can move their body left-right on the bed and must have to keep in touch all time one side of their shoulder with the bed. This job seems to be a dream job but it is not very easy because volunteers have to finish their teeth brushing, bathing, eating and toilets, all of the physiological processes on the bed. During that time scientist will do many experiments on them.
After two months when they will put their foot on the floor many physical problems can be seen in them. There may be some symptoms or hazards, such as decreased bone density, problems in muscles, or even problems to keep the foot on the ground. Paying for it is alluring. He will receive €16,000 in two months! You can also try.

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