13 funny laws around the world you won't believe that was true

Some funny laws are still in some countries that are really surprising. Experts have identified these outdated laws. Let's see what the funny laws are.

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funny laws in Colorado:  

collecting rainwater without showing any logical reason is a kind of robbery, also marked at the stage of cheating or hijacking. The great court has said that water will not be available for farming if rainwater is kept in this way. As a resulting economy will have a bad effect.

funny laws in Hong Kong: 

if the wife has an extra affair then the husband can kill her. But only one condition; a husband cannot use any type of weapon to kill his wife, absolutely to be killed with a bare hand. But the person with whom she had the relationship he could be killed with arms.

funny laws in Illinois: 

In the winter snow, not allowed for thrown to the tree after making a ball with snow of any child.

funny laws in Colombia: 

the presence of mother with her daughter is mandatory at wedding night.

funny laws in Guam (America): 

No virgin girl can marry. There are some professional men in the state who work for the redemption of virginity curse in exchange for money. Later, the marriage is complete according to the certificate given by them.


It is illegal to die in parliament house.


to call a pig name Napoleon is a punishable offense.


Selling cars on Sunday is legally punishable.


 If a girl gets a proposal for love affair, she can't refuse according to the law.


 Men can beat their wives if they want, but only once per month. That’s the law.  But beat her twice is a crime.


Unmarried women aged over thirty years are considered to be the property of the country.


Forgetting wife’s birthday is illegal.


 if someone convicted of soap theft, then will be punished - have to wash the soap until the soap is totally finished.
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