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“What if it is expanded by ‘Big Bang’, then, there should have many planets in this Universe like our planet and lives should exist. But unfortunately, it is true, there are no any existences of lives and even water, and those undoubtedly exist as dead and unchanging. Else, a simple word, when matter explodes, it loses it’s self-power of forming something. Or why the tiny ball will be there?”


By Zillur Rahman Shuvro

There are two villages side by side. One is Muslims’ village, another Hindus’ village. The derivations of these villages are how many years ago, nobody knows! But the villagers are living naively, and their peaceful co-existence have apotheosized both villages. More interesting, two religious infrastructures are face to face. One mosque, another is temple. The mosque and the temple are divided just by a narrow road. Same time the Muslim prayers pray in their mosque and the Hindu worshipers worship in their temple. The overmuch discontent was never seen among them without a little wrangling.
Suddenly, in an unexpected thing, both villages are covered by the black shadow of the darkness. One night someone or some mentally disordered persons threw a handful beef into the temple deliberately. In the morning, a Hindu priest came to the temple to worship and he found it. First, he thought that it might be something. He neared it to observe overhaul. At one time he was sure that, it is beef. He moved away and spat outside through the window.
The cow is a holy animal to the Hindus, but to eat its meat is completely contraband to them. Even to touch it is forbidden. The priest thought that, the temple has been profaned. He was shocked and flummoxed. The superintendent of the temple lives within call, he was called.
The bow-legged superintendent was sleeping in his ramshackle room and snoring with a rattling noise. His sleep broke and left the bed, throbbing. He came there very soon and saw the priest run down. ‘What happened?’ he asked the priest in a throaty voice.
‘A handful beef!’ the priest breathed like a basket case.
‘Where is?’ the superintendent asked again.
A handful beef was lying on the floor like unknown and lazy style in front of the altar. The smell of it might be entered his noses, for that reason, the priest mantled his noses with saffron-coloured cloth. From a little away, he showed him raising his hand up.—‘There!’
The superintendent neared it and stooped to see it well. When he was sure that, it was nothing, but beef, he came back turning his noses up. One clod spit appeared into his mouth; he ran to the window and spat through it.

 He came back again to the priest and commented, ‘It is rump steak.’
‘So what!’ the priest got angry. ‘It is beef, this is enough.’
 The superintendent asked him with a suppressed anger, ‘Is it the work of a yellow-dog?’
‘Would it were otherwise! But, as likely as not, no!’ the priest replied.
‘So?’ he mumbled.
‘It’s the work of heinous Muslims who want to destroy the harmony of both communities. Day by day, the terrorism is raising its head in the whole world and it is getting popular among the young Muslim society. Someone or some rough-necks among them,’ the priest said.
‘What should do now? Would we go to an imam for judgment?’ he asked.
‘No!’ the priest ordered him to remove it.
The superintendent thought that, if it is touched by him, he would be outcaste. So he refused to touch it. But the priest put pressure continuously on him. Being compelled to, he went out and came back with a pitch-black scavenger to remove it. The scavenger was a person belonging to a depressed class. It’s an attributed concept to the blue-blooded Hindus—the temple will lose its holiness, if a low caste scavenger enters it. So the priest interrupted him to enter.
The scavenger was shocked. He first looked at the priest, and then at the superintendent, and then at himself--could not see any discrimination among them. They all are men. Why did the priest interrupt him?
‘Am I not a human being?’ he asked.
‘I’m not bound to reply. Get lost from here!’ the priest thundered.
The scavenger went away head down. But the superintendent refused to remove it as before. The priest looked embarrassed. He didn’t think that the superintendent wouldn’t carry out his order and he would run up against any difficulties. He dressed him down, ‘You’re good for nothing! Go back! See, what can I do?’
The superintendent was soft or he came away from his stubbornness. He collected an old-fashioned shovel and removed the beef using it. The priest came outside the temple after him. He suggested him to bury it. According to him, the superintendent dag the ground three spits deep and buried it. And then they entered the temple and washed the place begrimed with blood.
The priest thought if the thing is scattered in the village, mayhem might be taken place. Taking one thing with another, he requested the superintendent, ‘Promise to me, you won’t disclose this to someone. Even a nugatory bird cannot be able to know.’
The superintendent nodded to hold his cards close to the chest.
One week later, unfortunately, the thing devoured the whole Hindu village. A whispering noise ‘lost caste’ stirred among the bigoted Hindus. This designed event agitated them. They came to the priest rowdily to know the details. The priest was worshiping in the temple placidly. He came out hearing hue and cry. An orthodox Brahmin told him angrily, ‘You are our worshipful priest, but you’re hiding something! Tell us frankly, what’s the real fact?’
First he tried to shrug their blame and then said, ‘There is a fact behind every fact. What’s real or unreal, it depends on the importance of the fact.’
‘We want to hear what we’re hearing that is unreal!’ the Brahmin said austerely.
‘I don’t want to say that, the fact is unreal, but now what we’re doing that is unreal,’ he grumbled out.
‘Why did you think so?’ the Brahmin said shrilly.
‘For this reason, you all are tempted,’ he answered quietly.
They realized the meaning of the words of the priest. The fact was real and not bootless. They were shocked, but didn’t try to take revenge against the Muslims. They went back to their houses like everyone and kept their mouths shut.
The event could have ended here, but it was not.  Some muck rackers got a vantage to muddy the waters and paved the way for the mass discontent. A spark dislocated as if from the fire smouldering under ashes. It turned to wildfire and scattered among the motely Hindus.  One holy night, some Hindu swashbucklers tiptoed to the mosque and shied handful pork in it to take revenge. And then they melted away in the dark.
Before dawn, a muezzin entered the mosque to call to prayers. He saw something like meat on the floor. He neared it and observed well bending the body. When he was sure that, it is pork, covered his mouth with his hand and came back. As pork is irreligious thing to the Muslims. He thought that, it was the work of devils that is of uncircumcised Hindus. He didn’t choke down his anger, and abused the Hindu community with filthy languages. And then he called to the prayers by microphone, and waited for imam.
After a while, a white bearded and turbaned imam entered the mosque. He heard everything from the muezzin attentively and saw the pork excitedly. ‘Nauzzubilla [God forbid!]!’ he bawled. ‘This is the work of uncircumcised Hindus!’
‘What’s the next action?’ the muezzin asked.
‘They will be punished for their flippant work!’ he answered angrily.
‘Are we sure this is the work of uncircumcised Hindus? It may be the work of a yellow dog too!’
‘Never! You must know mosque is the holy house of Allah. The dog is disliked animal to our Allah. It has no dare to enter it and to befoul.’
After prayers imam lost his patience. He gave a mob oratory before the agitated supplicants—‘Dear brothers! We’re Muslims. A Muslim cannot bow down to someone except Allah. We’re tolerant and liberal nation at bottom. But when we’re attacked, we cannot stay silent. To remain silent is the work of cowards. To protest the injustice is our moral responsibility. Our beloved prophet was highly clamorous to establish justice and truth in this world. In his life, he fought almost forty times to establish justice and truth. Numberless people were killed, but he didn’t wail. So we should, just now, to destroy the flagrant sinners.’
His oratory egged the cantankerous and headstrong Muslims. They left the mosque in groups and came back with weapons in monstrous shape. And then they made noises—‘Allah-hu Akbar’, and attacked the roadside temple which was situated just reverse of their mosque.
Unfortunately, at that time the priest was in the temple and was engrossed in meditation before his deity. His meditation was broken by the noises of the mob. He stood up at once. Some ruffianly Muslims took him at a disadvantage and messed up his worship’s elements ignoring his barrier.
‘Superintendent, please get me out of here!’ he screamed.
‘Nobody will come. Now you’re ready to die!’ one of them yelled.
The unoffending priest was taken aback, and looked at him in fear. ‘I’m a man. Why do you want to kill me?’ The fanatic man kicked him and answered, ‘I hate you. For one thing, you’re uncircumcised. Our holy mosque has been befouled by your hint. So you have to die.’
He aimed his sharp backsword at him.
‘Take it from me, this is not true!’ the priest shuddered.
‘Go to hell and prove it,’ he said, and killed him by his backsword inhumanely.  After being killed him, they set fire to the temple. The temple was burning fiercely and they were tittuping as the barbaric people exult in their special festival.
After the priest death, the both communities lost their mutual trust, what was generation by generation, on each other. Ultimately, a communal riot disorganized the two villages. Many villagers of both villages were killed and many women were raped. Many children were crushed. The houses of both communities were conflagrated and burnt to ashes, the crops and the cattle were damaged.  Hundreds and hundreds trees of two villages were lopped off. Two villages turned to burning ground. The burnt smell of the dead bodies polluted the air and many diseases were broken out. A flock of vultures flew there and ate the dead bodies and mangled. Some opportunists among the greedy Muslims, to grab the properties, put the ordinary Hindus to flight.
The Muslims kept their rivalries continuous against the Hindus, and the Hindus as well.  
One winter morning, a cow and a sizeable pig were sitting side by side and basking in the sun. Sometimes the cow was licking the pig and the pig, too. Recently the cow has lost its owner in the hideous riot, and the pig too. They were talking each other.
‘I’m shocked for your owner,’ the cow said.
‘I’m too for your owner, as well as ashamed,’ the pig said.
‘Why are you ashamed?’ the cow asked.
‘We’re innocent animal. Your creator and my creator are same. Someone calls Him Allah, someone calls Him God. He has created us to serve the men. Someone likes your meat, someone likes my meat,’ the pig said.
‘I think so. But the men have divided us for their own interest. I’m not a Muslim and you’re not a Hindu. Am I right?’ the cow asked.
‘Obviously you’re right. We’re called animal. Yes, we’re animal. There is no clash and classification between us. But the men are getting involved to kill each other only for our meat. What a fool they are! We’re vegetarian. Don’t kill lives. Don’t make irreligion in the name of religion. Don’t quarrel and kill each other. Don’t take kickback and make corruption. And don’t backbite. We’re harmless to the others. So we’re superior to the men. Do you agree with me?’ the pig looked at the cow obliquely.
‘Why not? I’m agreed,’ the cow answered easily. And then it chewed the cud and said, ‘Who told them that my meat is holy and your meat is unholy? Who told them that your meat is holy and my meat is unholy?’
‘This is my question like you—who told them? If my meat is unholy to the Muslims, why did God create me? Did my DNA ask Him to create me?’ the pig smiled.
‘Same question is mine. If my meat is untouchable to the Hindus, why did God create me? Did my DNA ask Him to create me? Obviously not,’ the cow chuckled. It drove away the flies with its tail. ‘What a shame!’ It pooh-poohed, and said, ‘those who claim themselves the superior nation in the world, they’re killing each other on the basis of wrong phenomenon. My meat is favourite dish to one, but untouchable to another one. Same way, your meat is favourite dish to one, but untouchable to another one. They’re promoting hatred against one another with our red meat.’ It bared its teeth. ‘It cannot be!’
‘It seems to me basically men are the main enemies of the men. As they’re of intellectual species, therefore, they’re foolish, too. Where there God is unsuccessful, there men want to be successful,’ the pig said uninterruptedly, ‘You must know God is the paramount ruler in this Universe, then why would He promulgate His religion through the prophets or the deities? Why doesn’t this Universe run under one religion? His order should be absolute order. Why are the people divided into many religions? Someone is Jews, someone Hindu, someone Buddhist, someone Christian and someone Muslim. So we can reach the conclusion that God is uncompleted or weak or He lives in the only human brain, and men are divided to carry out His order.’
‘There is something to think in your philosophical words, but, sometimes I’m confused about assuming God,’ the cow said.
‘Why are you confused? Do you not believe in God?’ the pig asked.
‘Sometimes believe, sometimes do not,’ the cow replied.
‘Please explain it,’ the pig requested.
‘When I think that there is a last boundary after this Universe or multi-Universe, then I believe there is something behind the screen. But when I think that there is no any last boundary after this Universe or multi-Universe, then I don’t believe in God,’ the cow said easily.
‘It seems to me that you are a Godless cow. However, let me know what’s the relation between God and the last boundary?’ the pig asked again.
‘I think which has ending; it has sure beginning, too. That is to say there is God behind this. But which has no ending; it has no any beginning as well. That is this Universe is infinite, and which is infinite, not created by one,’ the cow said.
‘Do you support ‘Big Bang’ theory?’ the pig asked inquisitively.
‘Shit! This theory is one kind of fake like the ‘Evolutionary’ theory. One day this theory would prove to be wrong,’ the cow said.  ‘This Universe is not created by ‘Big Bang’. This is constant matter and its time is fixed. It had no any past, not any present and there is no any future. Namely we are living under the inactive governance of ‘zero time’. Due to ‘zero time’, this Universe doesn’t have time to think. That is to say just as it was. And this Universe will never be old and destroyed. Otherwise, the inanimate object doesn’t take birth being self-acting and doesn’t give birth, too. Therefore, it is not created. But only the life takes birth being self-acting and gives birth, and embraces the death. That is why, the fauna could be destroyed, not this Universe.’
‘The scientists say that, one day the helium of the sun will be ended. Then what will happen?’ the pig asked. 
‘Nothing will happen,’ the cow said firmly. ‘Since the sun is not created by one, and it’s timeless, so, its helium won’t be ended.’
‘I want to hear more about the ‘Big Bang’ theory,’ the pig requested like a curious student. 
‘Someone says it holds that twelve to fourteen billion years ago, the Universe was a very hot, dense, tiny ball of matter. It expanded very rapidly to form the Universe we know today,’ the cow said like an astronomer. ‘What if it is expanded by ‘Big Bang’, then, there should have many planets in this Universe like our planet, and lives should exist. But unfortunately, it is true, there are no any existences of lives and even water, and those undoubtedly exist as dead and unchanging. Else, a simple word, when matter explodes, it loses it’s self-power of forming something. Or why the tiny ball will be there?’
‘You explained superbly. I’m astonished. But people, wrongly, criticize that you are a cow, that is you are a worthless,’ the pig smiled.
‘People think about themselves that they are superior nation in the Universe, but their idea is wrong. Actually ‘superiority’ depends on might and intelligence. A ferocious tiger or a lion or a crocodile never thinks that he’s not superior to a man,’ the cow said superbly. ‘In the jungle, when a man, in an unguarded moment, goes ahead of a lion, why does he recoil from the lion in fear? But the lion doesn’t recoil in fear. That is to say, this moment, the lion is superior to a man.’  
‘I think you are a talented cow and superior to a man.’
‘I know a lot, but time is short. Another day I will discuss.’
‘Please stop your mouth. Two boys are coming towards us. If they hear…’ the pig cautioned.
Suddenly a pair of boys, one Muslim and another one Hindu, came to there, and saw that, the cow and the pig were sitting side by side and necking each other. They were really psyched up and went to call their guardians and came back with them.
Their guardians watched the thing with interest and were ashamed.

This is collected from the short story collection "BARBER OF SHEIKH MUJIB AND OTHER STORIES".

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