Golconda fort and dark souls

Dark souls lives in Golconda fort.Many unknown histories have spread around us. This history contained self-sacrifice, jealousy and failed love story.  It does not only exist in the history book but also the unknown chapters of history can be known from historical places. Every wall, every brick of those places are still carrying on the history of blood-splattered memories. Ancient king house or any castle or palace seems like a witness of the concrete history.

Golconda Fort

Golconda Fort | Photo source: flicr.com

People always love mystery. Anything hidden mysteries in nature always chase mystery loving people. And so, people roam from one place to another to search for mystery, to find out, those historical places connected with torture-brutality-murder-exploitation and all the unknown stories.

Golconda fort such a historic place standing on the earth. There are many untold stories pinned in every layer of the fort. It has many historical tales. And some fanciful the eerie stories had been added to it. Probably you can get such a feeling at the place. Before that, let's know the story of fort constructing.

Golconda Fort is one of the most beautiful forts in India, located far away 11 km west of Hyderabad in Andhra Pradesh of India. Hussain Sagor Lake has situated 9 km far away to the fort.  Both Muslims and Hindus two rulers have a role to build the fort. So their influence is strongly seen in the architecture of the fort.

Golconda was once well known as Manakal. This fort was built under the supervision of the famous Kakatia dynasty of India. Basically, the Golconda Fort is built along with the Kandapalli fort as part of the security of the western part of the Kakatiya Empire. The fort is built on a granite hill. Its height 120 meters (480 feet), around which the trench was made to protect the invasion of the external enemy. Later, the fort was rebuilt under the supervision of Queen Rudrama Devi and her successor Prataparudra, and its foundation was further strengthened.

Inside view of the Golconda Fort

Inside view of the Golconda Fort| Photo source: wanderful.com

Then Musunuri Nayaks defeated the Tughlaqi army and took the fort under his control. In 1364, the fort was handed over to Bahamani Sultan as part of an agreement of Musunri Nayaks. Under the Bahamani sultan, since then its adjoining areas gradually became prosperous. At the same time, the Sultan Coolie Qutub-ul-Mulk was sent (1487-1543) as Governor of Telangana .He took charge as governor in 1501.

When the Bahamani sultan's empire is gradually weakened, then Sultan Quli Qutb Shah officially declared independence of Telangana in 1538. Emperor of Kutub Shahi dynasty was established based in Golconda. In 62 years, the first three Sultan of the Qutub Shahi Dynasty expanded and contributed to developing present fort structure.
There are several coalfields in this region of Andhra Pradesh. This region has discovered many diamonds. Not only has that, the famous Kohinoor Diamonds, Hope Diamond, Daria-i-Noor, Prince Diamond, Regent Diamond, Wittelsbach-Graff Diamond have been excavated from the mines of Golconda. Where there are diamonds, there will be no shade of greed, can it ever be? Many cursed stories surrounded this fort as like those very expensive gemstone diamond what has been found from the bottom of the mine. It is heard that the story of an unsuccessful love story was created in the Golconda fort. Something has happened here for which the ghostly obsession is still in the castle!

Outer wall of Golconda Fort

Outer view of the fort | Photo source: cepolina.com

To know why the castle got cursed slowly, we have to look back to the Qutb Shahi Dynasty. The story of the love of various sultans of Qutb Shahi Raj family is well-known. Mohammed Kulu Kutub shah fell in love with the beautiful woman named Bhagmati, just as another sultan of this dynasty, Abdullah Kutub Shah fell in love with a woman named Taramati. The fifth Sultan has given a name of the town Bhagyanagar (which is now known as Hyderabad) in the honor of Bhagmati. And seventh sultan Abdulla Qutb Shah of the dynasty established Taramati Bardari Music Auditorium according to the name of Taramati.

This story was originally developed based on Sultan Abdullah Qutub Shah. According to a local story, Taramati and her sister Premamati have been performing dances and songs for foreign guests in a guest house beside the castle. The Sultan became so fascinated by Taramati's songs and dance that he brought them from that place to the sultan's rest house. From then on, these two sisters used to perform dances and songs in the sultan's own room.

Outer view of Golconda Fort

Outer wall of the fort | Photo source: The Siasat Daily

Later, Sultan made two separate dwelling place named Taramati Music Temple and Premamati Dance Temple in accordance with two sister’s name. But the sultan's weakness was the highest for Taramati. He became so fascinated by her beauty, song, and dance that his cozy feelings gradually turned into love. So this castle is still remaining as a silent witness of the Intensive love.

But their love never reached the final destination. It is a matter of surprise that these two people were buried in the royal dynasty's own graveyard, along with other sultans' wife, while no one knows why their love was not settled. Every arch of fort knows their love history, while their soul has not been released for the immature love. And for that reason, even the dancer Tarammati’s insatiable soul roam inside the fort.

Tourist’s  crowd to see Golconda Fort

Tourist’s crowd to see the fort | Photo source: tripoto.com

Golconda Fort is one of the main attractions of tourists and a very popular spot for shooting movies. In the dark passages of the fort, empty spaces, big windows and dark spooky environments, tourists feel a cool atmosphere of fear. Many people think that the castle is cursed. It is said that in the royal court of the fort, where Taramati often been showed her beautiful songs and graceful dance in front of the sultan. Many people heard a strange whimper from the fort. They believe that the insatiable soul of Taramati or Sultan Abdullah kutub Shah's soul roams around. It is heard that many tourists and shooting crew have faced many scary experiences.

In the evening many people have fallen into terrifying situations in this fort. Not only that, many ghosts faces also have seen there! Even from the ruins of the fort, many people have heard strange voices while daylight fades. They could not find any reason for the incident. At present, public access to this area is prohibited after six o'clock in the evening.

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