Five notorious thieves in history

There is no end to our fears about thieves and theft. But there are some thieves in human history, whose romantic stories of stealing kept them memorable in history. The story of the infamous 5 thieves will be announced today in this article.

 1) Stephen Blumberg

We are very familiar with the word 'bookworm'. As people of this class maintain a regular practice of reading books, likewise, once they started reading books and soon sunken in the book. In addition to this, many of them have an observable peculiarity; they want to collect rapidly when getting news their favorite author has released his/her latest book. 
stephen Blumberg

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But Stephen Blumberg had overtaken that bookworm too. It is definitely a bad crime because he was arrested by the police in1990. But still, it astonishes the amount of his book collection. He was addicted to stealing books from different universities and libraries. Anybody will be surprised to hear the market price of his collected books. The total amount of books will exceed 53 lakh US dollars. After this incident, everyone started to recognize him as a 'book bandit'. It is believed that he has stolen maximal amount books in the world's history.  But Stephen Blumberg raised a strange argument behind his bad habit.
He believed that the government is secretly conspiring so that rare books and important information cannot grab the general public. Out of this table, he wanted to serve the people through the mentality of 'Think out of the box'. That's why he did not feel guilty about stealing it.

Though theft book, he was right in terms of another ideal. He did not even have the desire to sell those books. Because he thought that is a crime! In the trial, Blumberg was convicted; was sentenced to four and a half years in prison. He came out of jail but again was returned to the old habit. 
2) Sonya Golden Hand  

In the nineteenth century, Russia's infamous thief was Sofia Blyuvshtein. Basically, her name spreads everywhere for stealing precious gems. People, however, know her as Sonya Golden Hand. There is not much information about her personal life. But the occurrences of her theft were very incredible so made history.
Once upon a time, Sofia went to a jewelry shop and chose some precious gems. Then she requests to the shop owner for making a parcel to her home. There her doctor husband will pay them the price. The naive shopkeeper accepts Sofia's request. He appeared with gems at the address given by Sofia.

Sonya Golden Hand

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Sofia then asked the man to wait at her husband's office; saying that her husband is coming after finish his work. She took the gem bag from the hand of the salesman and quickly moves away. But that was a trap to cheat. The house was actually a psychiatrist. Sophia had previously met with the psychiatrist and told him that her husband had suffered a nervous breakdown, and was demanding random people pay for jewelry he'd never sold them. To get rid of this situation, her husbands, who will come in a little while, Sofia paid the psychiatrist to treat him!

After the shopkeeper came, the psychiatrist arrived. They both considered each other as Sofia's husband. Then when the shopkeeper requested payment of gem price, the psychiatrist admitted the man to a mental hospital! Sofia escaped without delay until vanishing the fog between the psychiatrist -shopkeeper.  

That was not the only incident of theft. She also took shelter in many different types of strategies besides lying or deceit. She could hide gems under her prosthetic fingernails or in a bag which was matching with her clothes. And another technique was that she used to interact with the shopkeeper while her trained small monkey had stolen through swallow gem.

3) Jonathan Wild

One of London's most famous man in the eighteenth century was Jonathan Wild, who was known as 'Thief-taker General'.
There was a surprising law in London at that time. If a person used to help the police to the caught thief, then the person has been rewarded half the amount of the stolen money. The process was nice to enable the residents to reduce theft in society. But big problems arise around the law because some intelligent people took it as a business opportunity, those who were called 'Thief-taker'.

Jonathan Wild

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One time Jonathan Wild had to go to prison for debt. There he came in contact with people of different classes of the dark world. After leaving the prison, a good intimacy has developed between Jonathan and them. They formed an organized criminal gang, who, after theft and robbery, brought goods to Jonathan's warehouse.

On the other side, whose home had been stolen those come for help to Wild. At that time Wild had to advance carefully, He used to advertise in the newspaper, if someone returns the stolen goods to him, he will be rewarded. In this way, Wilde's relationship with both the thieves and the victims of theft was developed.

The law enforcers kept watching upon wild. Later, they closed the rules for giving these awards by law. However, the police could not catch wild because he continues his activity through another way. Finally, after being arrested a thief named Jack Sheppard, the police was able to get detailed information about him. Within a few days, he was caught by the police, he was hanged to death.

4) Dick Turpin

One of the most notorious gangsters in history is Dick Turpin. Initially, he took a job in a Butcher Shop. Turpin later opened his own butcher. To save the cost, he began to steal lamb, cattle, and sheep from nearby areas.

He had nabbed in a few days. Later he escaped from Essex and fled to the more rural areas, joining a group called Gregory Gang. The group used to attack the isolated farmhouses. At that time the King of England announced $50 to arrest him.

Dick Turpin

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Later, Turpin joined another bandit group named Captain Tom King. Anyone who went through their territory would have been victim to looting. As a result, Turpin's head worth was reached to 150 pounds. If necessary, Turpin did not hesitate to reddish his hands in blood. As a result, his name was involved in many murders.

5) Jeanne de Valois-Saint-Remy  

Jeanne de Valois-Saint-Remy always wanted to fill her life with the abundance of affluence. Nevertheless, poverty did not leave her behind. And was no end of her despair. Once upon a time, Jeanne got married. She thought that after the marriage, her long lamentation for money would have gone away. But no, desired solvency still did not come in the grip. So she planned to walk on a different path, a path against the law.

Jianni de Valois Saint Riemi

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Jeanne knew that the relationship of Cardinal de Rohan with Queen Mary Antoinette (the French queen before the French rebellion) was not very good. She used to take advantage of this opportunity, trapped Rohan with love. At one stage of the relationship, Jeanne said, she talked to Mary. Rohan will be able to win the mind of Mary again after doing some work. The simple Rohan did not understand her cunning. He deems her acting as true.

It is also astonishing to think about how much Jeanne’s plans were tidy. To convince Rohan she had fabricated some letters by the name of the queen.  Even she arranged a prostitute to look like Mary to meet the two in the dark of the night. In the dark, Rohan had mistakenly thought that prostitute was Mary. He thought that the queen has come to be his bed partner; really his relationship with the queen is getting sturdy again.

Rohan, who was guided and excited by love emotion wanted to gift the queen. It is a gift for the queen so it obviously a matter of gorgeous. Consequently, he bought Diamond's Necklace of which current market value will not be less than one million US dollars. The interesting thing is, who taken this gift from Rohan he presented himself as a servant of the queen. That person is no other than Jeanne husband! Thus in disguise took the diamond surreptitiously and they have decamped in a long way. Afterwards, it is circulated that the Necklace was actually made for King Fifteen Louis's mistress. Although she was arrested in male disguise she also escaped from the jail. It is known that she spent the rest of her life in London.

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