Unsolved mystery of Lake of No Returns in Myanmar

Lake of No Return

Our world is filled with Unsolved  mysteries. In this age of information technology, there are so many places in the world whose mystery is impossible to clear up for the human. Similarly, the places surrounded by mysteries are a water body of pangsau pass in Myanmar, Which many say 'Lake of no return'.

The Lake of no return area is 1.4 kilometers in length and 0.8 kilometers in width. It is located on the border between India and Myanmar, between pangsau pass and Hell Pass and 2.5 kilometers southwest of Ledo road, formerly called Stilwell Road. Tangsa tribal people have been living for many years near the lake. Naming history of this lake is also significant. In a book, US soldiers first called this water body as the 'lake of no return', published by Brendan I.Koerne in 2008, about the life story of an American soldier named Harman Perry.

Ledo  Road or Stilwel Road

The Stilwell road built alongside the mysterious lake of pangsau pass, also known as Burma or Ledo Road. There is a wonderful history behind the road. During World War II, when was the overwhelming heroism of Japanese soldiers could not be stopped, their overwhelming power was intimidating the allies In China and Burma (now Myanmar); it was not possible for the Allies to ensure emergency military supply in the mountainous environment. A way of supplying troops had already been isolated because   Burma Road was bombarded by Japanese soldiers. As a result, Necessity for alternate roads has been arising. To prevent Japan, it is necessary to make an alternate road from Rangoon seaport to Kunming of China. On December 1, 1942, US Commander Gen Joseph W. Stilwell was responsible for building the road.

Under his supervision, road construction starts from Ledo of Assam to Arunachal, via Myanmar to Hunan, China, until the end of 1943. The 1,700-kilometer road was made in a tireless work of US troops and Indian, African and Chinese workers in just one year. In the honor of General, the street was named Stilwell Road.

pangsau pass myterious gate

After the end of World War II, the road was running for some time, but it was closed in 1955. After almost 50 years, the road was restarted in 2007. And it comes back with some old history. In particular, a water body area on the side of the pangsau pass along the Stilwell Road became the center of attraction for tourists. Once upon a time, various stories are made on the basis of the lake. Those tales again come back lively. This is how the mysterious episode of 'Lake of no return' is written. 

It is said that during World War II, a group of Japanese soldiers were defeated in the battle and were retreating through the pangsau pass area. But they lost their way near the lake. On the side of the lake, they took shelter under the tent. But within a few days, they died due to malaria disease. Many people think that wetlands have a role to play in this incident

Lake  of No Return unexplained  mystery

Another story goes on, during a World War II, a group of British soldiers crossed that path. But suddenly they fall into quicksand near the lake. No one was rescued alive from the quicksand. At that time, a US army group went to check the lake. But they also lost forever in a forest near the lake.

It is said that during World War II, many allied fighters disappeared from the area. The radio signal was damaged when the fighter crossing over the lake. And at that time pilots are confronted with an illusion, it supposed to pilot that have enough space beside the lake for aircraft landing. As a result, many aircraft crashed at the time of emergency landing. Again many airplanes are lost in the deep water of the lake forever.

Strange information got from the aboriginal people about the lake. They believe that a monster lives in this wetland. They heard many crying in the night from the body of water. Their claim, on the night of full moon, one hand came out of the lake and called on someone.
Another story is very popular in this territory. This story is like this - once the villagers all agreed to organize a big festival in the village. And fish for feast will be caught from the lake. Luckily, the three fish blessed by rain goddess lived in the lake. Therefore, the rain goddess appeared in a dream of the oldest man in the village, she warned that villagers should not catch fish; otherwise, they would be harmed if they do it.

Mysterious  Lake of No Returns

Next day, the old man told the villagers' about his dream. But they did not care the dream, and they went to fishing. The festivities are organized with all the fish of the lake; As a result, the rain goddess got angry. The dreamer old man goes out from the village that night. Then a horrific earthquake happened in there. The old man came to the village next day again and saw there is no other existence in the village instead of a lake.

People are frightened and horrified when these strange stories spread. By the gradation of this wetland, there were many more stories, and it started spreading mouth to mouth. As a result, the place was gradually being abandoned. Nobody dares to go through this path. Even local indigenous people of that area had avoided that area.
Thus, the mystery of 'Lake of No Return' remains obscure to all.

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