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After death, it is not new to being resurrected or reborn the main character in movie or drama. Directors killed them and then saved them again or brought them back in another way for the interest of the story. Like the movie, so many people are trying to achieve immortality in real life since ancient times. But after some people died (actually did not die), they returned to the world again and has been defeated all the stories of immortality or rebirth. Today our article is about that.

Miracle Light

When an Argentinean’s woman named Analia Boutet was pregnant for the fifth time, her pregnancy pain began to start before 12 weeks of scheduled time. After delivering the baby, the doctor told her that she had delivered a dead baby. Shocked Ana and her husband return home with a death certificate. But after 12 hours of the incident, they decided to go again to the hospital morgue for the last time to see the bodies of their daughters. By then, it was decided by the gynecologist and even a neonatologist, including the hospital's midwifery expert, that the girl is dead.

But when the coffin was opened, Ana then touched her daughter’s cheek and body she shook gently because dead body trembling and started crying slowly. At first, Anna thought it was merely her imagination, she broke her mistake at next moment and she realized that her child is alive! The parents have decided to name of their girl is Luz Milagros, that means (miracle light).

Luz Milagros

Luz Milagros with Mom: Source: Republica

Alvaro Garza Junior

In December of every year whenever the 'Red River’ is being too frozen, which flows through Minnesota and North Dakota, that turns into a children's temporary playground. On December 21, 1987, Alvaro Garza also played on the Red River, Suddenly falls into the ice layer. After searching for 45 minutes, he was rescued from the ice unconsciously. Was no pulsation in his Artery, even body temperature was less than 23 degrees. He was taken to the hospital immediately. The doctors thereby warm up his body with bypass machine. And after pumping out the water stored up in the lungs, His heartbeat started again.
After four days of being hospitalized, he began to move freely and was released from hospital seventeen days later. At first, struggled for some time, but gradually his body returned to normal condition.
 The frozen Red River

 The frozen Red River: Source: Wikimedia Commons

Ghosts of Johannesburg

In July 2011, a South African man 80-year-old, who was deemed as dead, his relatives called the related authorities to organize his funeral. The company's driver was sent to check his pulse and heartbeat, but the driver could not find his pulsation so the old man was taken to the morgue. The body of the unfortunate old man was kept in there cold house.
It's a strange incident just after 21 hours. The old man awoke and started yelling because finds himself in a morgue fridge. Morgue employees were shocked to hear his screams. They run away in fear from the morgue cause of thinking his ghosts. The mortuary owner called the police and they were waiting outside until they come. After coming police, the body of the old man was removed from the fridge and then sent to the nearby hospital. After a number of tests there, doctors told that due to sudden asthma, his heart stopped temporarily!

African man

Source: Gizmodo

li xiufeng  

The sudden death of a 95-year-old man is not something unusual. People of this age are tired to live and they wait for death. In that case, the death is likely to give him the desired relief. After he moved away, the matters gradually fade away and disappear to us. We forget that the sadness and will never wait 6/7 days for his comeback after death. Besides, it may be pleasurable to survive, but when you get up and find yourself in a closed coffin, then it will be more dangerous than death!

Now I will tell you a story of one of them. The Chinese woman named li xiufeng, a 95-year-old woman was found dead in her house one day. She was suffering from head injuries for two weeks. Neighbor Kingwang checked her and declared dead. Then that happened what would be. The woman was kept in a coffin for the funeral. Relatives came to gather a crowd to see her for the last time. Just before her burial, Mr. Kingwang went to her coffin. Then he was amazed at the surprise. Because the coffin was completely empty. After looking for a long time, the old man traced her at the kitchen in busy for cooking fish!

li xiufeng

Source: The Express Tribune

Erica and  Elayna Nigrelli

Erica Nigrelli, a resident of Missouri, Texas. She taught English in a high school of the city. In February 2013, during 36 weeks of pregnancy, she went to school to take classes. Suddenly, she started to feel faint and after a while lost consciousness. Her husband Nathan also taught in the same school. Immediately they called to the 911 Emergency. In the meantime, colleagues tried to bring their heartbeat back performing CPR system with the help of a defibrillator. Employees, who employed in urgent care, took Erica to a nearby hospital and doctors decided to have a seizure operation her quickly in the unconscious.
Although Eric's baby was born on an emergency basis, the newly born baby was not given in the mother's lap, Because, Erica is no longer alive. The doctors declared her dead because her heartbeat has stopped. Then the surprised incident happened. Doctor returned to Erica’s room and saw her heartbeat came back! She was in the coma for the next five days. At that time the doctors discovered after various tests, Erica was suffering from hypertrophic cardiomyopathy heart disease, due to that the heart swells and blood circulation is interrupted. Erica and her newborn baby were kept under intensive observation for two more weeks. Both mother and daughter Elayna Nigrelli are presently recovered from illness.

Erica Nigrelli and  Elayna Nigrelli

Source: CNN

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