Two ghostly viral stories of Russian bride and Morgan house

Do you believe in ghosts? Someone might get angry after hearing the question, and some might laugh at them. Many people do not believe in ghosts. Again, many people will be found who refuse to believe the ghosts in the sunlight, although they deny the existence of the ghosts, the strength of their unbelief began to decline when night came down. It's really difficult to find people who believe in ghosts or not, either does not love ghost stories.

Fear is not too bad! What do readers say? Just think, one of the black moons winter nights. Whilst silent around, you are walking alone through lonely streets. Suddenly without any forecast, a black cat went by the side, with a gust of wind blown away your hair. After a while, you heard the crying of the cat. From a distance, it seems as if a baby girl is crying at you!
At that time you may be stuck or you are shaking in fear, you frighten to look back! Do you or I never feel like this? And this is how the taste of scary is found.
Today, I will tell you about two horrific incidents that have been awakened in various news media and social media several days ago.

Russian bride story

One thing is often heard from the old villagers, that the dead soul is not freed when happening an unnatural death. As an insatiable soul, he/she walks around the place where he died. He/she is a dead soul, Knowing or not knowingly harm the human. Such an insatiable soul is heard in the back of a Russian bridegroom incident. The incident happened in 1989. Their wedding post-concert was organized by a Russian New couple with their friend in Moscow's elite park.

The newlywed couple was traveling in a well-arranged car to attend the ceremony. A lorry collision with their vehicle is in the middle of the city of Lyubertsy and Lytkarino in western Russia. Both of them were seriously injured in the accident. Although the husband survives, the wife dies in the accident. The dream of the bride to make family remains elusive. Even after 27 years of death, the bride's soul was not released. Yet her insatiable soul is seen in the accident place. Her incorporeal shadow roams around the area.

The viral footage of  insatiable soul of  the Russian bride

Not only disappear after seeing this non-physical soul but also hurt the passengers on the road. A few days after the accident, there were 10 more accidents occurred at the same place. Not only that, the car drivers faced various types of horrific incidents when they were driving along that road. These horrors are happening at the walking time on the road or suddenly being covered by fog, losing control of the vehicle while passing through that path, sometimes listening to strange sounds, causing accidents by collision with something.

Karina Dmitrieva, a driver, claimed herself to be a witness to these incidents. She recorded a video several days ago. In the video, a woman dressed in a wedding dress is going through the path. Once she appeared, in the next moment became vanish.
There has been a panic in the area since the video which was captured has come publicly. People in the area are afraid to travel through that road. Drivers do not want to take the car on the road by itself.
Ghost Hunter also noticed the suspicious thing. A paranormal investigator, Ilya Sagliani, claimed that two years ago he had made a documentary around the street. In it, a woman's statue was seen on one side of the road, which at that time was much stirred.

Morgan House |Cursed Tourist Lodge

Kalimpong's fame has long been known to tourists. This hill area has covered the romantic narcotics of Bengalis. Those who have travel fad and if they go to Kalimpong then will surely know about Morgan House, one of the most famous hotels in this hill station.

In 1930 the house was built by a British officer named George Morgan. He and his wife used to live in the house. Anyone who wants to stay in this house can see the beautiful scenery of the hills, the cold and green display from the old British house. But if someone does know the past history, his unlimited courage can be disappearing instantly! Nobody can stay at Morgan House; unless you are not brave you will flee in fear. Because Morgan House is known to everyone as a cursed house. Even today, an insatiable soul travels from one room to another in the house all day and night. As far as the locals know, the British favorite city for cold weather was Darjeeling. That's why the crowd was always in Darjeeling. When George Morgan built this house, he wanted to stay in the lap of the mountains with his wife. So he chose Kalimpong's environment.

Morgan House

In the green grass of Kalimpong,  uneven lanes of the weald,  jungle and the pine forest, clouds fluttering time to time, known and unknown flowers, creepers, leaves are spreading at the hills, all of them are very well-liked by Morgan couples. Thus, many days were cut off happily. The couple decided to spend the rest of their lives there. Morgan's desire was not fully fulfilled. In the house, he could not stay along with his wife for more days. Suddenly, Lady Morgan died. Then George Morgan sold the house with a broken heart and went to his country.  
After a long time, when the house of Mr. became a tourist lodge, a strange thing comes to notice! Lady Morgan did not go anywhere! Even today, her soul remains in the house. She roams around the house. Maybe she tries to find out her husband.  

But Lady Morgan has not made any mischief to anyone till today. She just walks in the house. Sometimes can be heard the sound of her high heels, sometimes her low voice. She wants to say something whispering to the tourists.
Naturally, the tourists are scared! And lose their courage to remain in the lodge. If you are a ghost hunter then you can go to the cursed Morgan House. Lady Morgan just wanted to contact the people who lived in her house! Nothing more than that!

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