The Grand Canyon |Top mystery spot neatly arranged by nature

The Grand Canyon is a unique wonder of nature, an incomparable rocky architecture made of unmatched beautiful sedimentary rocks. The mountains and hills all around, among them, nature has been decorated this highest Canyon of the world with all its beauty in Arizona of United States. 

Grand Canyon national park

Arizona, Nevada, Utah, New Mexico, Colorado located across the North-Southwestern States of America, such as the hill empire. Here nature has thrown up all its richness. Grand Canyon is a silent witness in the 200 million-year history of Earth's, which is 270 miles long, 18 miles wide, and 1-mile deep canyon with a north-west border of Arizona. Most of the Grand Canyon is located in the Grand Canyon National Park.

The traditional Colorado River flows through this canyon. The natural wonders that fascinated humans over the ages, the Grand Canyon is one of them. And that's why whole canyon keeps liveliness in the presence of more than five million tourists every year.

Grand Canyon map:

The entire Grand Canyon border is divided into two parts. North Rim in one part and South Rim on the other. South Rim is open for tourists throughout the year. 90 percent of the Grand Canyon National Park is part of the South Rim. South Rim also has other transport facilities besides air and rail services. On the other hand, North Rim is considered as a relatively remote area of the Grand Canyon. Often the weather in this area is very bad, so the roads are very dangerous. So this area is not always open to viewers.

Grand Canyon South Rim Map

How did the Grand Canyon get its name:

There is a history behind the name of this canyon. America's indigenous people live here for thousands of years. The special group of indigenous people who lived in this canyon was called Pueblo. This canyon is very sacred to them. They call this canyon 'Ongtupqa', which means 'large canyon'. Originally named as the Grand Canyon from given them. The role of indigenous people in these areas is historically recognized in the field of sustainability. Scientists believe that the Pueblo nation is the first human community living in this valley.

Colorado -river

Facts about the Grand Canyon:

In 1540, Spanish citizen Francisco Coronado came to Grand Canyon as the first European explorer. Many historians consider him as the first discoverer of this canyon. Later in 1776, two Spanish priests Francisco Dominguez and Silvestre Lay led de Escalante discovered this canyon. In the beginning of 1800, a delegation of the Maran government came to visit this area. They started collecting data about West Canyon and creating maps. In 1862 an adventure team led by climate and anthropologist John Wesley Powell discovered the origin of the river through the Grand Canyon. This group observes the huge area of Grand Canyon in boats. In 1870, Powell and explorers from different regions visited the area and published detailed reports on the area's geology, botany, and anthropology. Thus the existence of the Grand Canyon spread all over the world.

Winter Grand Canyon

How was the Grand Canyon formed:

A magnificent beauty of rocky hills and canyons, 'The Grand Canyon' was created in a wonder of nature. Various colored hills surrounded by sedimentary rocks and the giant cracks were made in the colorful mountain ranges. This canyon has built within the crack.The geological structure of this canyon is quite mysterious. Geologists have different opinions on the formation of the structure. However, the Colorado River has a very important role in the creation of this vast canyon. A recent study suggests that the Colorado River is flowing through the Grand Canyon from at least 17 million years ago! Since then, through the flow of high-speed Colorado River and its branches and continual erosion are slowly has being formed this vast cracks. And this resulted create this canyon.

How was the Grand Canyon made :

Many researchers have said that the creation of this vast canyon is a reason for continuous channel change. Due to continuous Soil erosion, the River has changed her way many times. The current Colorado River distance from the old Colorado River is about 6 kilometers away. The current Colorado River has come down quite a lot. A team of researchers tested the stone sample of the old Colorado River and found that the old Colorado River had flowed through the Great Salt Lake on the northwest. But the current Colorado River flows through the Rio Grande to the southeast by completely changing the way.
Scientists believe that the channel of this river is constantly changing. Their idea that the canyon will expand more time after the next two million years. The eight layers spread around this canyon are spreading the history of each time in front of everyone. Due to the many different types of river erosion, Different shapes of rock carvings can be found throughout the Grand Canyon.

geological formation of Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon rock layers:

The rocks of the canyon are basically having sorted at a different layer. The layers are called 'plate'. Geologists say that these layers are older than the Grand Canyon. The Grand Canyon plates are witness to the various activities of the underground tectonic plates. The average distance between the plates is about 50 miles.

Grand Canyon Climate:

This Grand Canyon is the name of an eternal mystery to the great geologists of the world. As many samples of river and wind erosion here are visible that does not see anywhere else in the world. Weather plays always different types throughout the entire Grand Canyon. As such, when high ridges are covered in snow in the winter, at the same time, in low places, the rain occurs. Very hot in summer and in the winter there is scary cold. In summer the temperature is around 38 degrees Celsius and in the winter the minus falls to 18 degree Celsius. In the Canyon, winter snowfall ranges from 60 cm to maximum 370 centimeters in winter. Grand Canyon biodiversity is also rich because of the presence of rain, snowfall and above all river. There are approximately 1,737 species of plants and 34 species of animals in this region. Of these, 8 species of bats and 18 species of rats have been found.

Bright Angel  HikingTrail

Things to see around Grand Canyon:

 The Grand Canyon is one of the most famous tourist centers in the United States. North Rim and South Rim are located on both sides of Canyon so tourists can enter in Grand Canyon through two parts. But there are two different types of landscapes. Most tour thirsty visit the South Rim of the Grand Canyon National Park.

Grand Canyon national park

Outstanding natural beauty has brought this reputation for Grand Canyon. And so the name of the main attraction in the United States is the Grand Canyon. Every year many visitors from various parts of the world rush to enjoy its natural beauty. Visitors visit and easily fall in love with nature. Here's where Lake Powell came first there water body has passed through the border between Utah and Arizona. Around 2,000 miles long, the lake is the second largest man-made lake in America. By gathering flowers and trees of different colors this place has become very beautiful. The Grand Canyon filled with spectacular sights such as Rim Trail, Geological Museum, Desert Watch Tower, Hopi Point, Hermits Road and Hermits Rest.

Geological Museum

What to see in Grand Canyon in one day:

The main attractions of the tourists are sunrise. Grand Canyon, Antelope Canyon, Geon National Park, and Dead Valley Bed Water – These places are witnesses of time that always ready to welcome tourists as natural patterns. There is also a chance to enjoy the beautiful View of the surrounding nature through boating in the Colorado River. Many people also take River Rafting experience on the Colorado River. For those who love to climb the mountain, there is Bright Angel Hiking Trail. Around the park, there are many wild animals, which, of course, make the travelers feel better. Visitors lost their mind in the midst of Great Canyon. They roam in the park by ignoring the natural impatience. In the evening, the roads here became quite lonely. In the afternoon, its beauty increased several times. And on the night Grand Canyon spreads a wonderful enchantment around the area.
So many travelers spend a night at the Phantom Ranch under the canyon to enjoy the natural beauty of the night. Many tourists also came to see the whole Grand Canyon riding on a helicopter. In this way, the tourists enjoyed the life of the whole year as the luxury of Grand Canyon in the canvas of nature. They do not mistake their travel memories and capture this beauty of nature by the camera.

Grand Canyon Biodiversity

The Grand Canyon is really an inexhaustible mystery of nature. Nature has evolved into its own plan, a unique empire as of rollicking Grand Canyon in rocky hills, rivers, and colors.

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