Foy's Lake a name of unique beauty

Foy's Lake is a name of unique beauty, one of the major attractions of Chittagong, Bangladesh. Let's take a look at the history and features of this lake. 

foy's lake natural scenery

Visit Foy's Lake to see the beauty of green and blue

Foy's lake is not a natural lake. The man-made lake was excavated under the supervision of the Assam Bengal Railway Authority in 1924. At that time it was known as 'Pahartali Lake’, later named 'Foy's Lake' according to the name of engineer Mr. Foy. Then the lake was excavated to supply water to the residents of the railway colony.

 Foy's Lake is situated in Khulshi area, 8 kilometers away from the Chittagong city center, near the Pahartali railway station in Chittagong. This lake built on 336 acres of land is created by constructing a barrage in a narrow valley between the edges of the hill from one end to the other. This lake was built by changing the movement of the water flow from the hills of the north of Chittagong city.

entrance gate  of foy's lake

Foy's Lake entrance; source:

Foy'sLake is located next to Batali Hill, the highest Hill in Chittagong city. This long lying lake, which has long been neglected, once has lost its splendor almost. So, keeping balance with its natural environment, the modern amusement park and resort was built in 2005. It has ownership under the Bangladesh Railway.

This lake is one of the most preferred spots for tourists. Here, there are rides for children, as well as for the adults there is a pleasant atmosphere with hills and greenery. There are also more little lakes here named Arunamoee, Godhuli, Akashmani, Mandakini, Dokkhinee, and Alakananda. There are several resorts to stay for tourists.

foys lake beautiful resort Bangladesh

Foy's Lake Resortsource:

The original Foy's lake is located over Hill in the north of Amusement World. The Lake is surrounded by high green hills, which are called Asmani, Gaganadip, Jaltungi etc. dense forests are in these hills, some wild animals like rabbit and Chitra deer playing in forests. There have a picnic place and watchtower on top of the hill. The 'Birds Eye View' of Chittagong City is seen from this tower.

How to go

From Chittagong City's GEC turning, the CNG will cost Taka 60-70, Rickshaw 40 Taka. The rickshaw from the city is always available

Ticket price and time

Entry fee

Adult - 200 Taka
Children - 180 Tickets (Free for children under 3 feet height)
Opening time
10 am to 30 minutes
Closing time
Saturday to Thursday until 6pm.
Friday and Saturday until 7pm.

Where to stay 

Those who want to stay for some days after traveling to Chittagong, they can stay in Hotel Radisson Blue (also known as Radisson Blue Chittagong Bay View), one of the five-star hotel in the port city of Chittagong. You can also stay in Agrabad. The Agrabad hotel in Chittagong is a very elite hotel. There are also many hotels and resorts at Foy's Lake Gate. You can spend up to 1200-6000 taka ($15-70) per night at that Hotel and Resort.

When to ride in the boat

foy's lake natural scenery

Boats in Foy's Lake; source:

On winter, you can think of riding in the boat at 3pm. in Foy's Lake by boat you can go to the Water World. Taking a small boat will be better.

foy's lake nice view

Extra pleasure

After reaching the Water World, put on your three quarters, jeans or trousers, T-shirts, these clothes what you have carried. Enjoy different rides all day. But to get the real view, go to the Hill before evening. There is a big Binocular if you like; you can see many things including the cricket stadium and Shagorika beach in Binocular. Here the fees will be only 30 Bangladeshi Taka. Take pictures of each place, When you go back home, you can yet stay with the beauty of the lake trip.

Ghostly place Foy's Lake

Foy's Lake can be called the terrible beauty of Bangladesh. The word 'terrible' is correct in the literal sense. The origin of this history is the time of the creation of Fay's lake. The stories are a rumor but probably true. For this reason, many people consider Foy's lake as the number one ghostly place of Bangladesh.

The lake is still rolling out a history of more than one hundred years. Even the local people could not tell precisely when and how these horrible incidents happened here. But those stories still remain unknowingly in the generation of people. Foy's Lake is famous/notorious for two horror occurrence. It mentioned in the same way how People described.

Foys lake chittagong bangladesh

 Foy's Lake:     source:

Ghostly black shadow

This history is about 130 years old. Some say that while crossing the old bridge of Foy’s lake, a bodiless black shadow attacked the people. Others say that there are two bodiless souls, in which one is better, she appeared like a young lady and the other is bad, she is seen as an older woman. If the black shadow intended to attack, the young lady warned people from the top tree beforehand. Many say that the conflict between these two entities has been going on for centuries and they are all of the supernatural power. People who have seen these two entities with their own eyes they also still present. Some say shadows are found as sitting on two slopes along the hillside, it is beyond the capacity to reach there.

Flying fire

Another thing in Foy's Lake is quite thrilling. This phenomenon is not an only rumor in the public, but also has many witnesses of that in that area. Local people claim that sometimes at night they see the flame of different sizes flowing from one end of the lake to the other end. Although many people said that they saw this incident, but none of them could clearly say what they are! Some people claim that they actually reveal the existence of the jinn. Many people explain this phenomenon scientifically, it is not a physical phenomenon, but due to the burning of methane gas in the summer night, this fire originates. Yet the local people are afraid of it.

foys  lake water  world

Pleasant Foye's Lake; source:

Concorde International Development Company is currently responsible for the maintenance of Fay's lake as the tourist spot and the center of the natural beauty of Chittagong. The Concord International Development Company took a lease of 336 acres of land of Fay's Lake for 100 years. Their aim is to make it the country's largest theme park and amusement center.

So, why delay, let's go for a visit this beautiful lake. It cannot be said that a horror can be experienced at that time!

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