Model sent to prison in naked position

Police arrested a Belgian model and her Australian photographer Jesse Walker for photographed being naked in front of an ancient Egyptian temple and sent them to jail. Not only that, the model Marisa Papen and her photographer Jesse Walker were forced to stay naked in front of everyone in prison.

Marisa Papen

The report of the New York Post said that model Marisa Papen is considered herself as a “free-spirited wild-hearted expressionist" woman. She has taken nude photos in almost 50 countries around the world. But in front of the ancient temple in Egypt, police detained them without permission from the authorities. Then they were kept naked in prison within one day until they were brought to court.

It is said in the report that Marisa's nude photoshoot was going on at Giza's Pyramid in Egypt. Since they did not get permission from the beginning, they started photo shoots by giving a huge amount bribe to security guards. They also shot several photos. Then, a little ahead, while taking pictures secretly, two security guards saw them in front of Luxor's ancient temple. Later they detained the model and photographer and gave them to the police. The police sent them to jail in such circumstances. 

Model Marisa said, "We tried to convince them that we are doing this with respect to Egyptian culture. But they are unwilling to understand any kind of relationship between nudity and artwork. A nude photoshoot is a porn or something like that in their eyes. But this country is proud of Cleopatra!
At that time, to avoid a big problem, Marisa and Jesse delete some pictures by themselves. We did not take any pictures, just checking whether the camera lights were okay or not, they told that but police did not believe it.

Model Marisa complained, the police did not get anything to check their camera's memory card. But yet they were arrested and sent to jail in a nude position. One day later, they were presented before the judge in their court.

It is said in the report that Judge has been released Marisa and Jesse Walker by issuing warnings not to do such work in the future. They also agreed to not do such work. Meanwhile, Jesse Walker has recovered pictures which were deleted after returning to the hotel from the court with special software. They also shared photos through social networking.

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