Khajuraho |The sexiest and mysterious temples in India

Khajuraho temple
There are many mysteries like Khajuraho temple hidden in the Rajasthan land of India.  Kundhara village and Bhangarh fort are such a mysterious place which is known as the ghostly area in the world. Another mysterious place except for Bhangarh Fort and Kuldhara village is located in Barmer district. The khajuraho temple is a famous tourist spot and a UNESCO world heritage archeological site in India. This temple is also famous because its walls are filled with numerous erotic carving artworks. Both inside and outside the temple there are many lover figures, which depict love, passion and Sexual activity in the humorous sense of intellectualism.  

erotic carvings sculpture

This temple, also known as the Kiradu temple in Rajasthan, is especially attracted by lovers. But here's a terrific thing and after knowing that ordinary people do not dare to stays here at night.

The matter is that if anyone remains in the Kiradu temple after the evening, then he will turn into a stone or will die. This story of Kiradu is common for many years. Due to the fear of becoming stone; nobody dares to stay here after the evening.   
The main thing behind the legend is that the stone statue of a woman, which is located in the village of Sihani, situated away from Kiradu. A monk came to Kiradut many years ago. One day he left his disciples in the village. At this time the disciples became very sick. But villagers did not help them. After seeing this misfortune of the disciples, the monks gave them a curse.

The monk said, the person's whose heart is like a stone, they should not exist in human form. All of them should become stones. One woman helped the disciples, so the monk showed mercy on her and told her to go away from here otherwise she would become a rock. But remember, you will not look back.  
But when she goes towards the village, she is skeptical about the fact of the monk is not true or false. That's why she looked back and at last, she became a stone. The stone statue of the potter in Sihani village still reminds people that the incident. 

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