A German nurse have killed 90 patients in the name of treatment

No one has ever found it so long. When it was known, the judge was very surprised with the police officers. A German nurse, at least 90 patients, has been brutally killed by the name of medical treatment.

In a New York Times report, it was reported that long ago, the German nurse was arrested from Delmenhorst hospital, Niels Högel, a male nurse. A forty-year-old nurse was charged with the murder of six patients. The complaint is also proved. In 2008, he was sentenced to seven and a half years in prison. In this imprisonment, police received the sensational information by questioning Niels.

killer nurse

He admitted to police since 1999 he was involved in this crime, firstly in Oldenburg hospital and later on in Delmenhorst hospital. Initially, the patient was given injections so that his heart began to disable. Then he tried to save the patient. In some cases, the patient would be survived, but most of the cases were death. To eliminate own monotony Niels was playing this horrible death game.  If he could save a patient he had a great joy. But if the patient died, he would have become depressed. Again, he runs the new experiments on the next patient.

The police also shocked at the open confession of Niels. Many bodies have been dug from the tomb to verify the authenticity. And this number has already exceeded 100.
Police sources said, at least 90 people died for the injection of Niels. The number of dead is estimated to increase further. The policeman has shocked of thinking about a serial killer who was promised to mankind.  Niels is counted as one of the most notorious murderers of Germany after the assassination of Hitler.

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